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R2-D2 fan made Astromech Droid
from the Star Wars
(Twentieth Century Fox, 1977)


Ahh, the labor of love that is 'Building an R2-D2.' I bought him as a partially-assembled unit from another builder that decided to stop working on him, and I'm carrying on the tradition. He was received on June 11th, 2007. A lot of the dome work was already done, I only removed all the panels, stripped and painted them a different blue and re-did the holo-projectors. Everything else I'm pretty much re-doing (but at least I have most of the parts already...) This page will be a WIP page (and a history of his construction page) once I get it all put together... The first image will always be a 'current' image though:

Here's a new update, this is him as of June 2nd, 2008. I've had him for a year now, and after only occasionally working on him during random weekends this is where he is. Most of the little detail pieces are now on, and almost all of the painting is finished. Several of the aluminum-looking parts on his legs and body are actually machined aluminum now (they were just going to be painted resin, but the actuall aluminum looks a lot better...). I only have 14 more things to put on him and he will be cosmetically complete! But, I'm going to move on to electronics now and get him moving around finally... Then I'll go back to detail pieces. The next update should feature some working lights and hopefully movement! And hopefully that'll happen in the next few weeks...

Back side complete with interior access door. This will eventually be full of wires, batteries and circuit boards...

This is R2 as of Sept 1st, 2007. Finally got the legs on him and was actually able to push him around (and he seems pretty stable...)
The interior frame and legs are the A&A kits which are sheets of laser-cut plastic that's about 1/4 inch thick. The legs are made of several pieces of this plastic glued and bolted together, while the frame is sort of a 3-D puzzle that snaps together, re-inforced with glue and bolts.

Here's the state of R2 on July 17th, 2007. This is basically how I
received him except the blue was a different color and holoprojectors
needed to be repainted and remounted. I wanted to get a more
versatile frame, so I purchased an A&A frame and legs and have
started working on them...