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Sphere shaped Lament Configuration (Puzzle Box)
from the movie Hellraiser: Hellseeker
(Dimension Films, 2002)


I've always been a fan of Hellraiser, and I love the Lament Configuration puzzle cubes that call the Cenobites. So, when I saw this version of it, I had to have it! It was made for the sixth movie in the series, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, and was only seen briefly when the 'cube' is rolled to someone. It morphs into the cube shape while it's rolling. This is the only sphere shaped version that was made.

This one turned out to be extra cool because after winning it, since I live in Los Angeles, I was able to drive over to Gary Tunnicliffe's studio (the guy that did all the prop making for the later Hellraiser films) to pick it up in person. I got to see all kinds of cool stuff, as you can imagine, including the cube props that do all the movement while the puzzle is being solved.

Here's some screen caps of it from the film:

And here's several shots before color-alteration and effects were added.
You can see that after the sphere is put on the table, someone prods it with
a stick to make it roll. Then, there's a normal cube with a string attached that
I believe was filmed while someone pulled it toward them. This footage was then
reversed and, using a CGI morph, blended with the footage of the rolling sphere.

Pushing it to make it roll...

Cube with string attached to be pulled back toward where the sphere was.

All screen captures are copyright 2002, Dimension/Miramax Films