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Simon's Cylon Medical Instruments
from the TV show Battlestar Galactica
(NBC/Universal Television, 2004-2009)

This is a rather large lot of sinister looking medical tools that the Cylon Simon uses to operate on Hera Agathon's brain in the series finale 'Daybreak'. Most of these are custom machined out of aluminum, and the first 8 things seen in the picture can be attached to the large, handle-looking piece and held in place my magnets. The handle also has a place to connect two tubes so the production could simulate blood (or whatever) flowing in and out of the tool (as can be seen in an earlier episode where the Cylons are operating on the Cylon Raider ships). The four objects in the lower left are silver-painted mini work lights that can be worn on your ears. The two large T-shaped tools are additional custom items made from aluminum. The two hammers are real medical bone hammers and the other thing is a spray can mounted inside a custom aluminum enclosure.

Here's some close-ups of some of them:
The spray can device, and the main tool handle with some of the attachments:

And here's the main device with two different attachments installed:

Here's some screen shots of these being used in the finale:
This is the spray-can thing:

And them main tool with one of the attachments:

All screen captures from the show are Copyright 2003-2009 NBC/Universal Home Video.