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Baltar's Cylon Detector Equipment
from the TV show Battlestar Galactica
(NBC/Universal Television, 2004-2009)

This some of the equipment connected to Baltar's Cylon Detector that he created in Season 1, Episode 8 'Flesh and Bone.' There's a printer, which is just an HP printer that has been re-painted in BSG colors and has had a manual motor control added to so you can make the printer feed out paper. Pre-printed sheets of scan results are in the paper tray, and they can be manually fed out by activating the wired remote that controls the motor. Several pages of pre-printed printed results were included with the printer.

The other device is the blood scanner itself. it's a completely custom made device using the case from a computer swappable cartridge storage device (it looks like). There's an aluminum tray that slides out when the 'eject' button is pressed. You can then sit a slide with a blood sample on it in the tray and close the tray. When it closes, the LEDs labeled 'Scan' and 'Data' on the front start blinking in a sequence to suggest the blood is being scanned. The blood scanner is battery powered with a small AA battery pack placed in the back of it.

The lot also included a large tray of slides with blood samples on them. These appear to lab examples of human blood (the kind of thing schools would use to teach science), but each slide has had the original label replaced with one that says 'HUMAN BLOOD SMEAR CYLON SCREEN' and a 6-digit number. Every slide has a different number, which is a pretty cool bit of attention to detail since I don't think it's ever possible to actually read these numbers...

Here's a shot of the printer, blood scanner and some of the pre-printed result sheets:

Close up of the scanner in various states:
Just turned on (red and green LEDs on)/Tray out after pressing 'EJECT'
Placing a slide on the tray/After closing the tray, the 'SCAN' and 'DATA' LEDs start to blink.

Here's a close-up of a couple of the blood slides:

Some screen shots showing the device in use:

Here you can see the printer and the blood scanner on the right,
as well stacks of the boxes of blood sample slides:

All screen captures from the show are Copyright 2003-2009 NBC/Universal Home Video.