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Burned Dell Laptop
from the movie 1408
(Dimension Films, 2007)

Heh, I pretty much got this as a joke to myself. :) This is Mike Enslin's (John Cusack) Dell Inspiron E 1505 laptop from the movie 1408 after a fire has pretty much destroyed it.

I figured they probably just took a propane torch to a working laptop (and I used to work for Dell fixing these things), so I had to get this just to see if I could make it work. My assumptions were correct: All it needed was memory (and an A/C Adapter) and it booted right up. The light on the screen doesn't work, but with a flashlight I saw the Windows startup screen and the Dell 'Welcome' screen. I logged onto Dell's service site and discovered that the warranty had expired 2 weeks before I bought it... Damn. :) My guess is they never even turned this machine on, just set it on fire.
Yeah, people say I'm weird...

It can just barely be matched up on-screen. In the theatrical cut, when Mike (Cusack's character) is grabbing the tape recorder out of the box his wife is holding, this laptop is just beneath it... I'll put up a screen cap showing it soon.

(Auction listing photograph.)
This would definitely fall under the category of a 'studio distressed' prop...

Here's a screen cap of where it's used, I can actually match up the bits
of melted plastic to what you see just beneath the tape recorder...

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2007 Dimension Films.